For Instructors

You wouldn't wait until discharge to check a patient’s vital signs…
So why wait until exam time to find out how your students are faring in your course.

Davis Edge provides tools to continuously take the vital signs of your students' performance throughout the course. You’ll be able to identify the areas in which they are struggling and intervene quickly in class and on assignments to ensure that they succeed.
It provides real-time analysis of students':

  • Comprehension and Retention
    How well are your students understanding the content?
  • Participation and Engagement
    Are students keeping up with their reading and assignments?
  • Test-Taking Skills
    Are students mastering NCLEX-style questions and improving their test-taking skills?

Learning, Applying. Assessing.

In order to be effective, our textbooks and online programs must be used together in a meaningful way.
Our trusted textbooks provide the content you need to teach course material; innovative resources allow student to apply what they’ve learned; and Davis Edge provides the tools to evaluate comprehension and mastery in real time.

"Excellent product to enhance student learning and track their progress."
—Pam Rogers, Carson Newman University

"I have always found FA Davis to be very student oriented. I use Davis Edge for remediation and exposure to NCLEX-type questions."
—Sue Smith, Iowa Western Community College


Customizable Quizzes

Quizzes are customizable in a variety of fields, giving you control over assessment and learning.


Instructor-Only Questions

Additional instructor-only questions assist you in creating finals and exit exams.


Success Center

The Success Center allows you to view student scores individually, as a class, and as compared to national averages, to help you keep your curriculum on track.



Davis Edge tracks and adjusts to fit students' progress, so you can see instantly who is excelling and monitor who is falling behind.



Customizable quizzes provide remediation for difficult subjects, targeting areas of weakness, and provide comprehensive rationales for correct and incorrect answers.

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