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ISBN: 978-0-8036-4258-4.

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Davis Edge for LPN/LVN Fundamentals is the adaptive, online Q&A review platform that integrates seamlessly into your classes and your curriculum. It offers a rich, responsive learning experience for testing, assessment, and remediation.

Ideal for any fundamentals course, it provides all of the tools students and instructors need to achieve classroom and NCLEX success—high quality content, test-taking tips, in-depth rationales, customization, and personal support.

Perfect for any platform, desktop, laptop, or tablet, Davis Edge for LPN/LVN Fundamentals builds knowledge, while developing critical-thinking, analytical, and decision-making skills.


Instructor Reviews-

“Great way to get the students to begin to think critically. It will help them learn how to read NCLEX-style questions.”
Mark P Donoghue, MS RN
Instructor at Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing

“Davis Edge is an online testing program that allows the students to answer questions for practice or to study content. The program also allows the instructor to be in the driver's seat to determine assignments for students perhaps as a remediation tool.”
Carolyn McCormick MSN, RN, CNE
Director, Practical Nursing Program 
Cape Fear Community College

I am very impressed with Davis Edge for LPN. Spot on topic, excellent core information, with emphasis on topics pertinent to the LPN and not just a mini-RN version. Love it!
Barbara Ford-Latty, MA, RN
Instructor at ECPI University


Student Reviews –

I would describe Davis Edge as an incredible asset that is essential in preparing for a test, whether it be the NCLEX or a normal test in nursing school. I found this site to be of immense assistance when studying for my tests. My score went up several points after using this site.”
Michal W.
Student at Hill College LPN/LVN Program

Easy question and answer format that gives simple red, yellow, green lights for areas of testing so you can quick scan list and know problem areas.”
Valerie S.
Student at Penn State Berks LPN/LVN Program

Davis Edge is a program that is easily navigated and the information is presented clearly.”
Crystal T.
Student at SCCC Riverhead LPN/LVN Program

Very nice- a resource that allows us to learn and critically think - get the answer right and it tells you why it's right (in case you guessed) and if you get answer wrong it gives rational there as well.”
Bill S.
Student at Hill College LPN/LVN Program

Amazing supplement to text and lecture.”
Andrew G.
Student at Cape Fear Community College LPN/LVN Program


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